A comprehensive course designed to jumpstart your journey back to health.

Created by Heal Hive founder, Brooke Geahan, based off of what she did to heal her chronic Lyme, co-infections, mold poisoning and autoimmune dysfunction.

  • The foundational basics of Bee Sting Therapy and how to use this modality safely & effectively at home

  • Beyond the Bees - helping you figure out the many layers of systemic dysfunction that are causing your symptoms

  • How to create and manage a daily healing strategy to ensure success with Bee Sting Therapy

  • Avoid the roadblocks that impede healing with Bee Sting Therapy and mitigate future roadblocks

Designed By Lymies, For Lymies

We understand the unique challenges of learning with Lyme Disease (hello, #brainfog!) and have designed our course with you and your comfort in mind.

  • You Set The Pace

    Speed through in 12 weeks or take your time... works with YOUR schedule and symptom load.

  • No Commute Required

    Learn BVT from the comfort of your couch...or your bathroom floor (hello coffee enemas!).

  • Interactive Content

    A mix of live video, recorded lectures, and group discussions keep it engaging.

Our Most Detailed Curriculum Yet, Designed for Maximum Digestability

Master the essential aspects of healing chronic Lyme disease and co-infections through live video classrooms, recorded lectures, interactive webinars, group discussions, digital downloads, and (whelp) even some comprehension tests and homework.

Don't Bee-lieve The Hype?

Checkout The Buzzzz From Past Heal Hive Clients

“Brooke is an unconventional scientist and researcher, and a large-minded revolutionary. She helped me save my own life, which is precisely the sort of self-efficacy and attempt for control that my soul had been seeking in every interaction with a healthcare practitioner I had. As for my health, bee venom therapy continues to heal my body, mind, bringing me closer to myself than I ever thought possible. Incapacitated by my illness, I am now able to work, exercise, and have meaningful relationships with the people I love, something I was incapable of doing before the bees.”

Gaby, @stungbylife

“I know how scary and confusing it is when considering to do bee venom therapy and not knowing the logistics of how to start, where to get bees, what tools you need, and if it’s safe to start on your own. Brooke taught me everything from how to handle the bees, what to do if they got out, necessary supplements, why a EpiPen is always required. Brooke reads medical journals for fun, any question you have, she’s got the answer! So thankful she has decided to start The Heal Hive, once she showed me the ropes I knew this is what she was meant to do.”

Holly, @wellthybelly

“I found Brooke online during the darkest period of my life, when I was fast becoming bedridden due to a mystery illness... By the time I got my positive [Lyme] result, I already knew in my heart that bees were the way to go, and Brooke guided me through the first few crazy weeks of my BVT journey with much encouragement. Six months later, I’m enjoying a quality of life I never, ever thought I’d regain, and I thank the bees - and Brooke - every single day.”

Lauren, @laurenstingslyme

“I was ready to give up hope. I then found Brooke, and through her, learned about one Lyme treatment I had not tried, bee venom therapy... I quickly began the necessary diet for the protocol and saw immediate decreases in my inflammation and pain levels. Within four weeks of this diet I have lost sixteen pounds, and no longer have to sleep with icepacks due to pain. Upon joining this community, you will finally meet the right people that understand exactly what you’re going through. As well as give you the tools you need to help gain your life back. I’m so grateful to be a NewBee in a hive of so many kind, and healing souls. ”

Kerri, @botanicalbunny

Heal From Lyme Without Breaking The Bank

We've priced out course to be as accessible as possible to as many as possible. That's why we're offering a massive discount if you sign up early -- PLUS a monthly payment plan.

Don't Miss Out! Secure Your Spot Before The Course Begins On September 30th.

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And To Sweeten The Deal...

This course includes exclusive bonus content to jumpstart your journey. We'll announce more valuable extras each week until the course launches, 9/30.

  • Low Histamine & AIP Recipes for BVT Healing

    $100 value

    Delicious, practical, economical recipes brought to you by our very own gut health expert, Magali Brecke. She helps take the frustration out of creating gluten-free, paleo, vegan, low-histamine, and AIP-compliant recipes for everyone's tastebuds.

  • Special Hive Academy DISCOUNT on The Gutsy Chef Low-Histamine, AIP, Low-Fodmap GUT CLEANSE

    $150 value

    Magali Brecke also founded and runs Calfornia's famed, The Kitchen Witch Bone Broth Co. Here Magali has created a special week of healing soups and broths to help you when you are most fatigued. You can order as many of these cleanses as you like and use them to ensure you are being adequately nourished. This special cleanse also comes with support from Magali herself and extra recipes that add to the cleanse for those who need more nutrient support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am unsure whether I have Lyme disease but I am interested in bee venom therapy. Can I take this course?

    No, this course is currently only available to those battling Lyme disease, EBV, and co-infections. Course pre-requisite does require submitting your POSITIVE Lyme or chronic Epstein Bar Virus test.

  • Will you offer other BVT courses this year?

    This is our only digital bee venom offering this year, but there will be new courses in the new year. Right now we are currently focused on serving the Lyme community but please check back for updates on courses that address different disfunctions.

  • This is a 12-week course but I am leaving out of town for a week. Will I miss that weeks course?

    No, you can take at your own pace and repeat coursework and go back if you missed. Coursework will be available for the duration of the course. Live lectures will be recorded. You can go back to course material to refresh at anytime.

  • What if I can’t start this course until November. Can I still sign up since course material will be available and take it anytime?

    No, this course will only be available for 6 weeks after the last module date. This is to ensure you keep yourself accountable and get started. For those starting too late in the coursework, it will be too difficult to catch up.

  • How many others are taking the course with me?

    We have limited the course attendance to make sure that groups stay small and everyone’s questions get answered.

  • I heard there will be tests and homework. I have brain-fog and can barely manage remembering my birthday? What if I fail a test?

    The tests will go over essential knowledge that you need to know to help heal your broken body. You can repeat the course over and over until you can pass the test. If you have additional problems, please contact the Admins and we will work something out. We are here for you, brain fog and all.

  • What if I don’t have the funds to pay it all at once?

    We get it! We were broke and sick once too, and understand how hard it is to make ends meet. You can sign up and pay in installments —we’ve kept it affordable.

  • Can I work with The Heal Hive’s doctor-in-residence if I become a member of The Academy?

    Yes but keep in mind that our doctor still has to see you for an initial visit. So if you are local to Northern California or feel like the trip to see him we will be happy to arrange.

  • Do I have to be a member of The Heal Hive Academy to work privately with Brooke?

    YES. Brooke created this course after working with clients over the past two years, hosting retreats and seeing where healing can go wrong. This course will give everyone the essentials needed to empower themselves to better wellness. Once you are taking the course Brooke can work with clients privately but she does suggest completing the course first before booking an initial session.